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Innovation in Labs

When we think about innovation, “new” is often the first word that comes to mind. However, innovation is most often achieved by packaging technologies, services, and methods in different ways to accomplish something previously not possible. Assembling laboratory technology, scientific methods, and expert technical services in novel ways that enable our customers’ innovations is the history of ABS innovation.

It is this rich history of innovation that has made ABS Essential in Labs.

ABS, formerly branded mSPEC, was founded as the first independent service provider specializing in SCIEX mass spectrometry technologies.


As mass spectrometry gained recognition and became mainstream within the pharmaceutical and contract research organization sectors, ABS (mSPEC) expanded operations throughout North America. The focus of the business was providing preventative maintenance and on-site repair to laboratories using mass spectrometers.


ABS (mSPEC) acquires APPTAL, a SCIEX supplier of electronic board and subcomponent refurbishment services.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ABS successfully launches comprehensive service offerings tailored for clinical healthcare markets, specializing in Beckman Coulter Olympus chemistry analyzer refurbishment, maintenance, and validation support services.


Research and development efforts began to determine how to upgrade older mass spectrometers at the component level to achieve the capabilities and performance of new instruments.

ABS (mSPEC) partners with the National Research Council of Canada, ultimately creating the Phoenix mass spectrometer upgrade program, making current generation capabilities available at lower price points. The program increased access to mass spec technology, supporting innovation and advancements in patient care.


ABS helped expedite and improve patient care by introducing novel analytical methods, upgraded technologies, and confirmation testing support services that allowed physicians to do diagnostics and confirmation testing in-house. This innovation was particularly valuable for smaller healthcare organizations in underserved markets whose samples were not prioritized by outside labs.


ABS acquires the mSPEC group of companies.


Centre Lane Partners (CLP), an NYC private investment firm, acquires ABS. Additional resources provided by CLP fueled further research and innovation.


ABS launches cannabis testing consulting services, providing licensed laboratories throughout North America access to innovative, compliant cannabis analytical methods, laboratory support, and leading testing technologies.


Following the success of Phoenix I, Phoenix II was released to the market, making current mass spectrometry technology more accessible and further supporting the innovation and patient care aspirations of many smaller organizations.


ABS continues research and development for new applications in environmental sciences and healthcare, meeting the demand for accessible, innovative solutions.