About Us

The ABS Difference

Essential In Labs

Our mission is to advance human health and product safety by promoting the utilization of fit-for-purpose laboratory technologies and delivering critical laboratory services. Industry experience and expertise, world-class technical service, and a state-of-the-art inventory of analytical technologies are what make ABS essential in labs.

Consulting Services
Integrated Labs Technology 
& Service Partner

ABS is a leading provider of laboratory technologies and services to mature and emerging markets. We’re a single source of expertise and reliability of various manufacturers with a long-standing reputation for exceptional lab equipment, impartial consulting, and highly responsive service.

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Instrument Services
An Unbiased Partner You Can Trust

Some of the biggest challenges in setting up and operating a lab business are knowing who to go to and who to trust—understanding which instruments, consumables, and services are best for your needs. With ABS, you have one partner you can trust for unbiased advice for your lab operation requirements as well as your laboratory training.

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Innovation Enabling Innovation

At ABS, we view innovation as meeting a market or client’s needs by packaging technologies and services in new ways to solve complex problems or capitalize on new opportunities. Our evolution enables our customers’ innovations.

History of Innovation
World-Class Technical Service

Since 1995, ABS’s experienced technicians have provided expert and responsive technical services. We are a trusted partner, highly skilled, and always on call. Additionally, our team is highly knowledgeable—members of our extensive field services team have, on average, 20 years of industry experience.

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ABS Labs Facility
ABS Labs

ABS Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, CLIA- and COLA-accredited reference laboratory offering quality reference testing. We provide comprehensive reference lab services to a range of markets and needs, including toxicology screening and confirmation, environmental, and cannabis testing.

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Expertise in Mature & Emerging Markets

For decades, ABS has provided labs in numerous markets with expertise, technologies, service, and solutions. We have team members who were involved at the beginning of mass spec utilization in clinical toxicology, created applications, and worked on method development. Building on this history, ABS has become a leader in traditional markets and continues to innovate, developing applications in emerging laboratory science.

Cannabis Labs
Cannabis Industry Consulting
Pioneers in Cannabis Labs

As legalization and regulation of the cannabis market change and expand, ABS has been a key leader, supporting new and existing labs with technology selection, method development and validation, and regulatory consulting. ABS pioneered and deployed some of the initial cannabis methods for product quality, safety, and potency.

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