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Drug Testing

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Today’s drug testing laboratories are challenged to increase output, quality, and uptime while reducing operating costs. We’re here to help. ABS works with labs to lower their cost of ownership while achieving target performance objectives.

ABS has the full complement of drug testing expertise and capabilities required to support drug testing labs to meet exacting standards and demanding requirements. Our expertise extends to the toxicology needs of physicians’ offices and pain clinics, government and law enforcement agencies, drug courts, medical examiners, coroners, and other public safety organizations.

Drug Screening Solutions

ABS offers an array of analyzers to meet the comprehensive needs of any labs performing drug screening.
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ABS offers the assortment and dependable delivery of consumables required by drug screening labs.
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Reagents, Calibrators & Controls
Reagents, calibrators, and controls are available to the physician’s office and pain clinic labs performing in-house drug screening.
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Specimen Validity Tests
Quality specimen validity tests assure lab personnel that they are working with unadulterated samples.
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Drug Confirmation Solutions

LCMS Confirmation Systems
ABS offers an array of LCMS systems for the comprehensive needs of a physician’s office or pain clinic lab performing in-house drug confirmation testing.
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Standards & Consumables
We offer a wide assortment and dependable delivery of LCMS standards and consumables required for drug confirmation testing.
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ABS is Essential in Labs

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Conducting training programs for our clients’ lab technicians is deeply rewarding. It’s great to see the technicians’ confidence grow, and I enjoy knowing that they will be able to better contribute to the success of our client’s lab.

Steve Hendershot, IA National Service Manager