Refurbished LC/MS Parts Available

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ABS continues to offer LC/MS refurbished parts for sale despite our online directory being unavailable. You can inquire about parts, pricing and availability by emailing us at  Some of the  most common part requests are turbo pumps, pump controllers and heaters.  Once we receive your request we can provide a parts quote and coordinate any shipping method that works best for you!

We know and understand the LC/MS marketplace and have an ever-expanding inventory of quality refurbished instruments, LCMS parts, and supplies. Most of our refurbished parts come with our ABS part warranty program– if the part fails within the warranty period, we will replace it at no cost.  In addition to the warranty period, we will offer you a credit to send back your old, broken part.  These credits vary by part, but are honored upon arrival of part to our warehouse.  Here is a list of some parts included in this program:

012957RF Turbo Pump,TMP 361, REFURBISHED
017370RF Turbo Pump,TW220/150, REFURBISHED
018688RF Turbo Pump, TV 550, REFURBISHED, (blue 550 label)
018775RF Pwr Sup 400w 4 Output 24/18/24/5
021797RF PSU* Switching Power Supply – Refurbished Exchange
022856RF Turbo Pump, TW 700, REFURBISHED
022873RF Power Supply 24vdc – Refurbished Exchange
022874RF Power Supply* 60vdc; for TW700 series Turbopump
022875RF Turbo Pump, TW 250S, REFURBISHED
026395RF Turbo Pump, TV 551, REFURBISHED, (red 551 label)
027463RF Source* Turbo ‘V’ – Refurbished: interchangeable with 1034049RF
028929RF Turbo Pump, V 301, REFURBISHED, (K Flange); need 2 x BJ182 to convert to F Flange
028931RF Turbo Pump, V 801, REFURBISHED, (K Flange); need 2 x BJ1013382 to convert to F Flange
1001297RF Roughing Pump, DS302, REFURBISHED
1001298RF Roughing Pump, DS602, REFURBISHED
1002920RF Pump Controller, TV 301, REFURBISHED
1002923RF Pump Controller, TV 801, REFURBISHED
1005750 Heater* Turbo
1005750BRF Heater* Turbo (B-Grade) – Refurbished
1005750RF Heater* Turbo – Refurbished
1006585RF Turbo Pump,TW220/150S, REFURBISHED
1010113RF Triple Output Power Supply 450W 6.5 24 18V
1010115RF Pwr Sup 450w 4 Output
1010760RF Pump Controller, TV 551, REFURBISHED, Current Controller for V550/+/1 (model S018)
1011053RF Power Supply 400w, 4 Output 24/18/24/5; used on API 2000/2000QTrap, 3200/3200QTrap
1011530RF Roughing Pump, HS602, REFURBISHED; can replace a MS30 (1033404RF)
1011855RF Roughing Pump, HS602-2000, REFURBISHED
1012179RF Turbo Pump, V 301, REFURBISHED, (F Flange)
1012180RF Turbo Pump, V 801, REFURBISHED, (F Flange)
1025134RF Source* Turbo ‘V’ – Refurbished
1028005 Turbopump* TV902
1028005RF Turbo Pump, TV 902, REFURBISHED
1028752 Controller* TV401/301

Conv* Freq Turbo V-401/301 Navigator

1028752RF Pump Controller, 401/301, REFURBISHED
1033404RF Roughing Pump,MS30+, REFURBISHED; can replace an HS602 (1011530RF)
1034049RF Source* Turbo ‘V’ – Refurbished; interchangeable with 027463RF
1036005RF Turbo Pump, TV 401/301, REFURBISHED, see also 5027654RF
228-45000-42 Shimadzu LC-20AD LC Pump
228-45012-42 CBM-20A
228-45018-58 DGU-20A3R
228-45019-58 Shimadzu DGU-20A5R 5-Channel Degasser
4353045 Turbopump* TW 701 – SEE 022856
4353045RF Turbo Pump, TW 701, REFURBISHED
4379588 Turbopump TW690
4379588-COMPATIBLE TW690 Turbopump
4379588RF Turbo Pump, TW 690, REFURBISHED
4465774RF Turbo Pump, TV 903, REFURBISHED, (without controller)
5007829RF Pump Controller, TV 903, REFURBISHED; see 5007829
5014686 TW 400/300/25 S


5014686RF Turbo Pump, 400/300/25 S, REFURBISHED
5027654 Turbopump* TV 401/301
5027654RF Turbo Pump, TV 401/301, REFURBISHED, see also 1036005RF
5052884 PUMP* Roughing SV28BI
5052884RF Roughing Pump,SV28BI, REFURBISHED
9499240NEW Roughing Pump,MS40+, New with inlet/outlet caps; see 9499240RF
9499240RF Roughing Pump,MS40+, REFURBISHED, see also 9499240NEW
9499365RF Roughing Pump,HS652, REFURBISHED; interchangeable with HS602; comes with MS0324 jumper
CBM-20A Shimadzu Controller
CBM20A-RF Shimadzu Controller – Refurbished
CTC024RF APR Control-XT Board
CTC025 PAL StkCooler
CTO-20AC-RF CTO-20AC Shimadzu Column Oven Refurbished
DGU20A3-RF DGU20A3RF  Shimadzu Degasser Refurbished
DGU20A3R-RF DGU20A3R-RF Shimadzu Degasser – Refurbished
DGU20A5-RF DGU20A5 Shimadzu Degasser Refurbished
DGU20A5R-RF DGU20A5R-RF Shimadzu Degasser – Refurbished
G1312 G1312A – Binary Pump (Agilent 1100)
G1312ARF G1312A – Binary Pump (Agilent 1100)
G1316ARF Thermostatted Column Compartment, Refurbished
G1322ARF Degasser* HP/Agilent 1100 Series – Refurbished Exchange *SELL AS NEW ONLY *See G1379A
G1323B Controller* Agilent Controller
G1329ARF Autosampler
G1330A ALS Thermostatted Column Compartment
G1330ARF ALS Thermostatted Column Compartment, refurbished
G1330B ALS Thermostatted Column Compartment – Used with Agilent 1100 Series
G1330BRF ALS Thermostatted Column Compartment
G1367ARF Autosampler
G1367BRF Autosampler
G1379A Degasser* Agilent 1100 Series
G1379ARF Degasser* HP/Agilent 1100 Series – Refurbished Exchange
HTCPAL Autosampler*Leap
HTSPALRF HTSPAL Leap Autosampler – Refurbished
LC-20AB-RF Shimadzu LC-20AB Binary Solvent Delivery Unit – Refurbished
LC-20AD-RF Shimadzu LC-20AD Binary Solvent Delivery Unit – Refurbished
SIL-20AC-RF SIL-20AC Shimadzu Autosampler Refurbished

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