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For decades, ABS has provided lab professionals with the expertise, technologies, service, and solutions needed to start labs or improve their operations.

We have team members with extensive experience and expertise—many were pioneers in developing new methods in emerging applications. Leveraging this history, ABS offers method development, validation, lab start-up, and operations consultation to a range of markets, including:

Method Development & Validation

Guided by the mission of advancing innovation, ABS continues to develop and validate methods for new application areas and new markets. Whether customizing a method for your specific needs or pioneering advancements in emerging markets like cannabis and PFAS, we are here to help you develop and validate your method, train your team and ensure that your reporting is accurate.

Training & Technical Support

Our members of our extensive field services team have, on average, 20 years of industry experience, providing a wealth of expertise to nurture your most significant assets—your people.

We’re here to support your lab’s training needs:

Step-by-step equipment operation

Sample preparation

Method execution

Day-to-day equipment maintenance.

Lab Start-up, Asset Management & Operations Consulting

Your lab is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we offer impartial laboratory consulting—from equipment specification and selection to operator training.

We recognize that your needs are unique.

Instrument recommendations

Lab expansion recommendations

Lab operations optimization

Method development

Operator training

Instrument and method validation

ABS is Essential in Labs

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Conducting training programs for our clients’ lab technicians is deeply rewarding. It’s great to see the technicians’ confidence grow, and I enjoy knowing that they will be able to better contribute to the success of our client’s lab.

Steve Hendershot, IA National Service Manager