Why Toxicology Testing is Important

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According to the US National Library of Medicine, “Toxicity testing of new compounds is essential for drug development process. The preclinical toxicity testing on various biological systems reveals the species-, organ- and dose- specific toxic effects of an investigational product. The toxicity of substances can be observed by (a) studying the accidental exposures to a substance (b) in vitro studies using cells/ cell lines (c) in vivo exposure on experimental animals. This review mainly focuses on the various experimental animal models and methods used for toxicity testing of substances. The pre-clinical toxicity testing helps to calculate ‘No Observed Adverse Effect Level’ which is needed to initiate the clinical evaluation of investigational products.”

Why is it important?

Toxicology testing is important not only to identify toxicity but to understand the effects of the level of toxins.

Toxicology testing is also important in ensuring the safety of new chemicals for use as pesticides, drugs, or food additives before they are registered for general use in industry or doctors clinics. (1)

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ABS Labs is a CLIA accredited reference laboratory offering screening and confirmation testing. We do not perform any patient or insurance billing. We run the sample, export the results back to the laboratory and bill a flat fee per sample.

At Alternative Biomedical we guarantee a 48-hour with results populated real-time into our LIS and are able to interface to your laboratory system or EMR via ABS Labs’ portal.  We provide a 75 analyte test menu for confirmation and a 30+ analyte menu for screening with a flat fee per sample.


1. Arome, David and Enegide Chinedu. “The importance of toxicity testing.” Journal of Pharmaceuticals and BioSciences.

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